Developing and Promoting eHealth innovation
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

Region Showcase

Skane Region

Key achievements:


Regional eHealth strategy defined

Collaboration with key regional stakeholders to promote the development of a eHealth strategy.


Proposal for a Health Innovation Hub 

The Innovation hub will simplify eHealth innovation by lowering the barriers to access the eHealth market and connecting innovators to existing capabilities, as well as end-users and healthcare organisations.


Initiated eHealth projects

Initiated a number of eHealth projects involving interdisciplinary stakeholders and end-users.


Networking Arena

Established a networking arena for Health Care, Academia, Industry and Public Sector and patient organisations.


Top three priorities in eHealth:

  • Health Innovation Hub and provide support to SMEs
  • Person Centric Care - Provide training and support individuals to take part in their treatment and lifestyle changes
  • Facilitate the use of eHealth solutions within Health Care

Interested in collaborating with: other regions/ partners in the three priority areas identified above.


Geographic markets of interest: Europe, US, Canada


Key Contact details: Ann Tronde, Project leader eHealth at Skåne University Hospital

/ Stefan Berggren, Project Manager at Mobile Heights,

Oulu Region


Key achievements:


  • Ecosystem for Innovative eHealth Solutions

Fostered and promoted different operations integration into internationally recognised OuluHealth ecosystem including regional public authorities, private companies and key research organisations. Developed innovation processes together with the Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) partners and established a unique test and development environment OuluHealth Labs which supports eHealth solution creation and internationalisation activities of the eHealth companies.


  • Achievements in Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)

Acted in an important role in Scandinavia in PCP promotion and in initiation of a new successful MAGIC PCP program for stroke rehabilitation and care. Collaborated in the progress and results promotion of the region’s other two ongoing PCP programs, THALEA and SILVER.


  • Successful eHealth Services with Digitalisation Strategies

Implemented and supported of the national and regional digitalisation strategies of health services. Promoted and supported interoperability targets of public services via The National Architecture for Digital Services (KaPA) and in digitalisation program of municipalities of the region of Oulu (Kaista Käyttöön!). MyData architecture was created in Digital Health Revolution (DHR) and it supports the strategy for P4 care (predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory) services. The regional funding for Big Data infrastructure is available and EU funding for a new Big Data program (MIDAS) has been applied.


  • Capacity Building Pilots in Innovative Learning Environments

Piloted a learning concept for medical students together where they utilise the latest innovation available from SMEs, and applied ESF funding via national instrument for further development of the concept. Also supported the curriculum renewal in Medical Faculty and targets are to continue eHealth capacity building.


Top three priorities in eHealth:

  • Enhance innovation ecosystem operations and create processes for go-creation platform that can offer new opportunities for development and testing, and for strengthening regional and international collaboration.
  • Provide predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory (P4) care solutions with seamless MyData integration with health care solutions to provide cost and resource savings.
  • Improving professional knowledge and skills of eHealth by fostering collaboration with innovative solutions of service and solution providers for enhancing the care.


Interested in collaborating with other regions/ partners on:

  •  Providing collaboration and opportunities to use the unique test and development environment for eHealth and care solutions.
  • Collaboration opportunities with research organisations in the field of Connected Health, eHealth and Telemedicine.
  • Collaboration with new research and development programs, innovation support and contacts to eHealth companies in the region of Oulu.


Geographic markets of interest: Europe (Germany, UK, France & Holland etc.), Scandinavia (Sweden & Norway), US and China.


Contact PersonsJarmo Pääkkönen, Project Coordinator at University of Oulu, Centre for Health and Technology / Mikko Räisänen, Manager for Research and Development at Council of Oulu Region


Web links:


Region of Murcia

Key achievements:


Murcia Living Lab aimed to harness technology to address some of the most complex issues facing patients and the health service.  School of health has been developed with the aim to improve health and quality of life of those who suffer from chronic diseases.

Setting up three working groups on the use Big data in the areas of clinical analysis, healthcare management and healthcare research results.    


Top three priorities in eHealth:


  • The Murcia Regional Healthcare System nee to set the basis for the definition of a chronicity strategy in order to respond to the challenge and the opportunity presented by chronic patients. This transformation is not an option, is a necessity in order to contribute to the sustainability of the System and to be able to provide citizens with the level of care and service they need and deserve.
  • Aligned, is the development of a consolidated professional area for training and development the School of Health.
  • Develop more sustainable and leaner collaborative models that facilitate the demand-driven collaboration between public and private stakeholders to satisfy the unmet needs of public entities. 


Interested in collaborating with other regions/ partners on:

  • Strategy models and implementation of chronicity strategies at a regional level and use the ICT
  • Experiences dealing with the setting up of school of health/school of patients aimed capacity building activities for both, professional and patients, as well as patient’s family and caregivers.
  • Co-creation frameworks that facilitates the introduction of innovation in healthcare organisations.    

Geographic markets of interest: From the success stories point of view Germany, United Kingdom and France are countries of reference. Also South America is a natural market for Spanish SMEs


Key Contact details: Myriam Martin, Project Manager at TICBioMed, / María del Pilar López Acuña, Fundación para la Formación e Investigación Sanitarias de la Región de Murcia, / Hana HukelovaFundación para la Formación e Investigación Sanitarias de la Región de Murcia


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