Developing and Promoting eHealth innovation
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021


TICBioMed. The coordinator

TICBioMed is a cooperative cluster of ICT companies, Universities, Healthcare providers, and Public Institutions that work together to promote eHealth innovation in the Region of Murcia. Legally a non-profit business association, it was founded under the auspices of the Universities, Enterprises and Research regional Ministry. The cluster participates in national eHealth platforms like SEIS and eVIA.

Role in project

TICBioMed coordinates the READi project and leads the Management of the project. Its role is to make sure that the project delivers in time, quality and budget. It will also participate in all other Work Packages and lead the subcontracting for the Murcia region.


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Regional Ministry of Health of the Murcia Region

The Foundation for Healthcare Training and Research of the Murcia Region (FFIS) is a public nonprofit organization, which depends on the Ministry of Healthcare of the Region.


It is responsible for managing the continuing education of its 19,000 professionals, promotion, development, management and dissemination of biomedical research programs and management of regional research structures in institutions and health centers. It also develops and implements new health innovation programs for all citizens at the Region of Murcia.

The project is being developed in collaboration with the Health Service of Murcia (Servicio Murciano de Salud) and The Directorate-General for Planning, Health and Pharmaceutical Management and Research, depending directly on the Regional Ministry of Health.


The Regional Ministry of Health is the department of the Regional Government of Murcia in charge of the proposal, development and implementation of General Guidelines in the Field of Health. The Health Service of Murcia employs about 19.000 professionals and manages the communications information system and computer application development used in 9 health areas, which have 10 hospitals and 81 healthcare centers.


Role in the Project

Regional Ministry of Health of the Murcia Region leads “Integration of research agendas” part of the project.


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D’Aleph Iniciativas y Organización (Daleph)

D’Aleph Iniciativas y Organización (Daleph) is a consultancy firm specialised in the provision of advisory services to the private and public sectors. With offices in several Spanish regions, Daleph has a team of consultants specialised in innovation, developing effective science & technology networks and providing strategic and hands-on support to the development of business clusters. It also has a considerable track record in designing, presenting and providing support for European-funded projects.


Role in the Project

Daleph participates in different work packages throughout the project’s lifetime, with a particular emphasis on performance management and evaluation, as well as advising on the legal and financial aspects.


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