Developing and Promoting eHealth innovation
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021


European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance)

European Connected Health Alliance is a “not-for-profit” organisation with offices in Finland and Northern Ireland. Its members represent health-care providers, research entities, patient groups, educators, public organisations, industry and international alliances which are operating in equivalent thematic areas.

The strategic focus is on the need to transform healthcare delivery. ECHAlliance also works to develop the „Connected and MHealth Economy‟, thus enabling innovation and sustainable investment in the expansion of healthcare.  

Role in the Project

ECHAlliance is leading the “Dissemination and exploitation” part of the project. ECHAlliance will also pay specific attention to issues of internalisation of the project.


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Centre for Health & Technology

Centre for Health and Technology (CHT) is a regional research and business-driven innovation centre, which associates universities, research centres, enterprises, and regional authorities.  CHT is building advanced multi-disciplinary environment for Research, Development and Innovation in strategic co-operation with global networks. CHT`s central role is to prepare and coordinate projects and recognize the funding possibilities which create conditions for co-operation. The goal is to produce new know-how and business activities in the area of personalising health and care.

Role in the Project

CHT is leading the work in “Implementation of the JAP” part of the project with a specific attention to tasks concerning semantic interoperability and mobile access.


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The Council of Oulu

The Council of Oulu is the main regional development organization owned by the municipalities. One of The Council of Oulu’s instruments is The Regional Strategic Programme, which outlines regional development targets, key projects and measures and a financial plan for the programme period. The Council of Oulu is coordinating the regional wellness programme.  

Role in the Project

The Council of Oulu will participate in all project parts and will put specific attention to funding opportunities for the measures towards implementation.


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