Developing and Promoting eHealth innovation
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

Readi partner Mobile Heights hosted a seminar at Politician Week in Almedalen, Visby, Sweden, together with Region Skåne, 3 July 2016

At a seminar at the Politician Week in Almedalen (, Visby, Sweden, arranged by Mobile Heights and Region Skåne, representatives from government, academia and industry discussed how a national node for connected health could strengthen public health and create new businesses. A profound digitalisation and mobilization of both industry and health care is now underway and Sweden is well positioned to take a leading role if the right kind of targeted efforts are made. 


The seminar was opened by Head of Communication, Molly Löfqvist, who welcomed guests and gave a brief presentation of Mobile Heights. Then the Innovation Director at  Innovation Skåne, Marianne Larsson, presented the work within Nordic Connected Health Star Track that brings together some fifty start-up companies within connected health throughout the Nordic region. 


The regional politicians Mattias Olsson (S) and Stefan Lamme (M), introduced Region Skåne's new focus on connected health which e.g. involves test bed for new products and services. Several prominent representatives from research and innovation in the IT sector attended the seminar. Bengt-Arne Molin, adviser to the CEO, Sony Mobile, Olof Sanden, Executive Vice President, RISE and Sarah Meunier, the chief architect, Inera, discussed what is needed in order for Sweden to take a leading position. In the final discussion congressmen Per-Arne Håkansson (S) and Peter Helander (C) were participating. 


From the Mobile Heights point of view, we are incredibly pleased with the seminar. There was a really interesting discussion between regional and national politicians on stage about the establishment of a national node for connected health. Region Skåne has now decided to contribute to the financing of both a research institute, test bed and an innovation platform and we look forward to countermoves from national politicians, says Molly Löfqvist, Communications at Mobile Heights and along with Region Skåne hosting the seminar. (In Swedish)


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