Developing and Promoting eHealth innovation
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

"e-Health Directory" - VINNOVA application

The READi for Health team in Skåne is leading the development of a proposal for a ”e-Health Directory”, as part of the implementation of the READi action ”Capacity building”. The project team is applying for funding from VINNOVA for planning of the development project.


The project team is a cross-functional national team and includes:


Project summary:


´If we cannot manage to introduce this kind of new solution for the provision of health care, the health care system will become even more expensive in the future. Unnecessarily more expensive´ (quote from health care leader Region Skåne).


´e-Hälsokatalogen´/ ´e-Health directory´ is a service that reviews and catalogues validated ehealth applications used for care and treatment in regions/countries/nationally and provides guidance on processes for validation of the applications and its suppliers. The service is complementary to the eHealth Agency´s ´Health for me´(the individual´s personal health account) and offers:

  • A support structure (compare with FASS for drugs) that provides healthcare and caregivers an overview of available e-health applications for the care, treatment and use of drugs
  • A support for personalized medicine and equal treatment. The service will promote broad implementation and greater use of e-health applications in health care and care
  • A support for patients to find reliable validated applications used for care and treatment
  • A marketplace for vendors
  • A comprehensive guidance on requirements for validation of e-health applications and suppliers regarding, for example, ethics, clinical evidence, regulations, security, privacy,reliability and availability.


The ”e-Health directory” meets a pronounced need for process, structure and coordination around e-health solutions with the aim to effectively use the common e-health resources and share clinical experiences about value creation of e-health applications.


The ”e-Health directory” creates value for the health sector, healthcare, citizens, vendors/industry and academia.


The project has the ambition to be scaled up nationally.


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