Developing and Promoting eHealth innovation
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

In READi for Health project it is possible to learn from others' experiences and successes

READi for Health project conducted a survey on the introduction of digital systems and services in health care and in promoting the welfare of 8 different respondent groups. The common responses were the emphasis on the customer and user perspective. In particular, health care professionals found it gave a better service to the customer by the implementation of digital services.


Leading municipal stakeholders saw the interoperability of systems and services as a key objective, which is also one of the priorities in the National eHealth Strategy. In addition to interoperability the READi for Health project aims to promote e.g. the development of cloud services in health care, pre commercial procurement, as well as the internationalization of businesses.


The READi for Health project is funded by the EU's 7th Framework Regions of Knowledge program. The project is coordinated by Spanish TICBioMed including seven different partners from Skåne in Sweden, Murcia in Spain and Oulu Region in Finland. Partners in Oulu Region are Centre for Health and Technology (CHT) from University of Oulu and Council of Oulu Region. The European Connected Health Alliance leads the internationalization work package, as well as communication and dissemination. The project will be implemented during 2013-2016.


Regions involved in the project have been identified as digital health and well-being pioneers, with extensive research, development and innovation activities, as well as having many companies in the sector. Oulu Region has strong development and deployment of services and applications. A good example is Oulu Health Labs environment in which businesses and other organizations can develop and test their own services and products. Skåne’s strengths lies in patient participation and projects enabling empowerment. Murcia has invested in the training of the usage and development of digital services from patients’ point of view.


The project is nearing completion and the results are being compared with the Joint Action Plan. Targets have been met and partly exceeded. The developers of services have found each other, enterprises and public organizations have started or are planning several new co-operation projects. Capacity building in production and usage of services has risen to even greater significance than planned. Promoting the internationalization of SMEs will be one of the focus themes of the remaining part of the project.


Author: Mikko Väisänen, Research and Development,  Council of Oulu Region


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