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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

Readi attend the ECHAlliance eHealth Strategy Group's (eHSGroup ) first workshop held in Estonia on 13 November 2015

The ECHAlliance eHealth Strategy Group (eHSGroup) has been created to support and propel the work across the International Ecosystem Network, it's members and partners.  The first eHSGroup workshop was held on Friday 13th November 2015, in Tallinn Estonia, hosted by the Estonian Connected Health Ecosystem and Tehnopol.


The workshop was attended by 24 senior stakeholders, with responsibility for either developing, implementing or redesigning their “eHealth Strategy”, from 7 countries including Estonia, Finland, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, France, and Denmark. 


The workshop leaders included Brian O’Connor, Chair, ECHAlliance and Ain Aaviksoo, Deputy Secretary General for e-Services and Innovation, Ministry of Social Affairs Estonia, who will be the eHSGroup Chair.


eHSGroup is a reference point to support current work and potential future ventures for the ecosystem network.  The group will act as a forum to test thinking, share best practice and provide advice on developments regarding eHealth Strategies. 


A report of the meeting is available and can be downloaded here


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