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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

“Sydsvenska Dagbladet” newspaper has published an article about the new innovative interactive  digital platform in Region Skåne - "My Life - My Health" 

"The patient at the centre of new eHealth project in Region Skåne"


Today's educational system for organ recipients does not have the resources to give patients and families the support they need.


Region Skåne has started a new collaboration with HiQ and Engaging Care to develop an eHealth solution that provides education and support for organ recipients, next of kin, and health care professionals for person-centred, high quality and equitable transplant care.


Within the framework of the EU project READi for Health, R&D Centre Skåne and the Thorax department at Skåne University Hospital will create an innovative interactive digital platform ("My Life – My Health") that offers organ recipients and their next of kin personalized evidence-based knowledge and long-term support for their treatment and lifestyle changes. Such a platform conducive to the individual's involvement in their own care and health, resulting in better patient outcomes, contributing to a safer and more cost effective care.  The aim is also to achieve equal care conditions throughout the country.


"A host of new requirements arise in daily life as a transplanted, which causes concern and anxiety among both patients and next of kin. A successful national organ transplant care require extensive evidence-based knowledge and support for survival, long term health and quality of life," said Anna Forsberg, Professor in Care Sciences with focus on organ transplantation, Lund University.


"Furthermore, the platform is intended to act as a knowledge and training portal for staff of transplant units and patients' home hospitals, increasing patient safety and reducing the vulnerability of today's educational system that is dependent on a few experts", explains Maria Nygren, operational director at Thorax SUS.


"The individuals will be able to monitor their own health and be offered the opportunity to share their health information with relatives, health professionals and research. Access to the individual's health information is important for the further development of care and treatment as well as for research", says Ulf Malmqvist, Director of R&D Centre Skåne.


"The platform takes its cue from Engaging Care’s engagement platform, which takes into account the whole patient's health profile and tailor individual treatment.  "We want to include patients and next of kin and provide both support and knowledge that motivate patients to improve their health and their wellbeing", says Annica Carnbring Belfrage, CEO and founder of Engaging Care.


"HIQ is an IT consulting firm with extensive knowledge and experience of mobile solutions and e-learning. The project is well in line with our quest to create innovative solutions that can improve and streamline care" says Susanna Karlsson, account manager at HiQ Skåne AB.


The project is coordinated and led by Ulf Malmqvist and Ann Tronde, project leader for READi for Health at R&D Center Skåne. On 28 October the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova granted funding to carry out the planning of the project.


The READi for Health project has brought together four EU-regions Skåne, Oulu (Finland), Murcia (Spain) and Midi-Pyrénées (France). The project is working to highlight the potential of mobile technology and how it can help to provide an equal and high-quality care. The project is operated in Skåne by the partners R&D Centre Skåne and Mobile Heights.


About My Life – My Health


My Life - My Health is developing a digital platform that provides training and support for organ recipients, related parties and health care professionals for person-centered, high quality and equal transplantation care. With interactive solutions for learning, treatment and decision support, the individual´s involvement in their own care and health is promoted, resulting in better patient outcomes at a lower cost to society.

My Life - My Health provides all organ recipients and their related parties individualized evidence based know ledge and long-term support for their treatment and lifestyle changes.

Equal healthcare opportunities are thereby achieved in the whole country, following Socialstyrelsen´s guidelines for national coordination. Furthermore, the platform functions as a knowledge and training portal for the staff at the transplantation units and the patients´ home hospitals, thus increasing patient safety and reducing the system vulnerability which today is dependent on a few experts.

The individual monitors their own health information and, after informed consent, decide who he/she would like to share the information with, such as related parties, healthcare, and research. Sharing of patient-generated quality-assured health information creates opportunities for further development and evaluation of medical procedures / processes,

improved patient safety, and more cost-effective healthcare.

The project is interdisciplinary and has gathered key players with the ability to define needs, develop the solution and utilize the results nationally and internationally.

My Life - My Health has high scalability and great potential to be used in a large number of disease areas, both in Sweden and internationally.

Read the news (Swedish) here

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