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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

The biggest daily newspaper in Skåne “Sydsvenska Dagbladet” has published an article about the “eHealth on prescription” in Region Skåne

An app on prescription could become reality if Mobile Heights new projects goes well. Together with Region Skåne they want to build a marketplace for e-health apps that is clinically tested and does not leak user information.

Within the framework of the EU project READi for Health Mobile Heights wants to create a new e-health solution for healthcare. It is about building up a library of clinically approved medical apps that doctors can use to share data from patients and which allows users to monitor their own health.

According to Henrik Cosmo, who leads the Mobile Heights part of the project E-health on prescriptions, according to the medical regulations apps are CE marked by the developers, but no external control is made.

- The doctor who recommends an app to a patient is responsible for the clinically approval and because there is no control body that can guarantee this, it chooses simply not to prescribe apps, he says.

The library will help the physician to find which apps are approved and showing clinical result.

- It allows the physician to write apps on prescription to patients.

A study recently published in the British journal BMC Medicine shows that e-health apps often has gaps in security, privacy and reliability. According to the study, which included 79 applications approved by the British medical authority, NHS, none of the apps encrypted the medical data stored in the phone and 66 percent of the apps sent information over the network unencrypted.

- This is another problem we want to solve through the marketplace where we can make demands on security and integrity, says Henrik Cosmo.

To carry out the planning of the project Mobile Heights and Region Skåne are now looking for half a million kronor from Vinnova. Notification of funding comes in November.

READi for Health is a project in progress for three years in four technology strong regions in Europe: Skane (Sweden), Oulu (Finland), Murcia (Spain) and Midi-Pyrenees (France). The project will identify the regional potential for e-health. In Skåne the project is conducted by Region Skåne through R & D Center Skåne and Mobile Heights.

Read the article in Swedish here

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