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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

READi attended the inauguration of OuluHealth Labs, on October 20th in Oulu, Finland

The OuluHealth Labs test and development environments were officially launched at Test Bed Facilities for Health Innovation conference on October 20th in the Oulu University Hospital (OYS), Oulu. The event gathered around 150 participants to learn about test bed facilities and possibilities provided by OuluHealth Labs and also to hear international speeches on test beds for enabling health innovations in general.


OuluHealth Labs is a unique piloting environment that allows health care professional and companies to test their products and services in real/simulated environments and with real users. Through Nordic Test Beds project, coordinated by CHT, OuluHealth Labs offers also possibilities for testing product and services abroad.


 “OYS TestLab is a test environment where companies and social welfare and healthcare providers test and develop their ideas and products in authentic hospital environment with true users”, says Hannu Leskinen, Executive Director of the Oulu University Hospital.


“Our goal is to speed up the implementation of innovations, promote their commercialisation and boost Finnish health sector companies’ export. OYS shall use the TestLab also for the development of their processes and modelling their future building projects.”


The event was part of the regular ecosystem meetings focusing on connecting the Oulu Ecosystem with the growing ECHAlliance Network in Europe, USA, China and soon Canada. 


“We have worked with Oulu for four years and congratulate them on this milestone achievement in collaboration and Innovation” says Brian O’ Connor, Chair of the ECHAlliance

Some photos of the day here  

Find the power point presentations here (at events)




OuluHealth Labs is a global-scale, one-of-a-kind test and development environment for products and procedures. It is composed of three parts: Oulu CityLab, Oamk SimLab and OYS TestLab

The clients of OuluHealth Labs are companies and service providers in the wellbeing sector.  OuluHealth Labs facilitates innovation and product testing through the entire service chain from a private home to health centres and hospitals. Test environment services are produced at the cost price.


Further information:

OuluHealth Program Director Noora Jansson, 040 753 2917,

Oamk SimLab: Principal Lecturer Helena Heikka, 050 367 0341,

Oulu CityLab: Technology Specialist Jaana Kokko, 044 7034 030, 

OYS TestLab: Project Manager Timo Alalääkkölä, 040-561 4390,

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