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This project has received funding from the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 320021

“Centre for Health and Technology” are working in the Health field internationalization and has finished the SME’s Study a survey of Cluster Co-operation


READi Finnish partner “Centre for Health and Technology” (CHT) in Oulu are working in the Health field internationalization and has finished the SME’s Study a survey of Cluster Co-operation experience interviews.


CHT has been building networks of high end cluster partners in health and wellbeing businesses in the Global Innovation Networks in Health and Wellbeing project.


During the project different cluster actors around the world have been scanned and met, and with those meeting the needs and profiles of Oulu’s own ecosystem best, actions have been taken to develop cooperation further.


The objectives of the projects were:

  • Unite European ICT-knowhow to promote world leading ICT-health innovations and to build a world class network to speed up the emergence and commercialization of new ideas
  • Develop cooperation model within the European innovation ecosystem
  • Strengthen the participation of CHT and Oulu’s ecosystem in European networks and thereby in  research program preparations

During the project CHT has participated in finding and building new contacts and networks. CHT has also been involved in preparation in signing of Memorandum of Understanding –agreements with partners in Northern Ireland, Baden-Württemberg and Tallinn, and contacts have been built also in Scandinavia with Aalborg, Skåne, Uppsala, Oslo, and NRI network. As a result of the networking activities a new Nordic Innovation funded project Nordic Test Beds with five Nordic university hospitals has been started.


CHT has finalized the SME’s Study which purpose was to find out and learn how the companies and partners in Oulu, and also international cluster partners, have experienced the cooperation and actions, and what kind of expectations they have for the future development of the cooperation. The focus was especially in finding out what kind of needs the companies in Oulu region have regarding the international cluster cooperation, and what kind of actions could fulfill those needs. The focus was in research, development and innovation (RDI) actions of companies, but other aspects were not excluded.


Download the SME’s Study here


Some results of the Study were discussed at the “Future of Cluster Cooperation” workshop in Oulu last March, where representatives of European health technology clusters and Oulu based companies and researchers planned future actions to support international cooperation and company partnerships.  


Read more about the “Future of Cluster Cooperation” workshop here 


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